Bury My Heart At The Trailer Park

Album: Sonoran Hope And Madness (2002)
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  • Roger Clyne was lead singer of the '90s band The Refreshments. He went on to form Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, and the band has developed a large following in the American Southwest, where they are known for their rousing live shows. This is a concert favorite that gets a lot of audience response.
  • Clyne: "Probably the most complicated song for me to explain on Sonoran Hope And Madness. That song's a lot of me. That song is about a certain redneck cowboy pride that I have about my heritage, with the knowledge that it may be very barbaric, very simpleton. I have those things in me, I just don't want to be harmful to the world, so it's sort of a song that celebrates my simplicity and some of my upbringing. It's also just a fun hillbilly stomp. It changes keys and it changes tempo, it's all over the place on purpose because I'm kind of all over the place sometimes on purpose. It's a blast. A fun, shake-your-ass rock song that doesn't mean anything." (Get more in our Roger Clyne interview. His website is azpeacemakers.com.)
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