Album: No More Beautiful World (2007)
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  • When introducing this song to a live audience, singer/songwriter Roger Clyne says: "This is dedicated to a special breed of people who run those fiberglass boats on the Sea of Cortez, which is just south of where we live. And they bring us all the stuff that we do want, and then anything that we do want that we might not necessarily need. Here's to them and their special brand of courage."
  • The word-of-mouth channel The Peacemakers use for their advertising is much like running contraband. Their advertising is peer-to-peer as opposed to major media advertising. They are an independent band, Clyne says, and as such they must work extra hard to get their music to an audience. In a podcast, Clyne endorses the Internet wholeheartedly, saying, "The Internet is so powerful now that everyone is connected with everyone. The music can make it from the artist to the fan without having to go through the promotional segment of a big record company. The music can get from the artist to the fan unfiltered." The downside to that, he says, is that the Internet is so clogged it makes it more difficult for the artist to get their work to the forefront. That, however, opens new channels to get creative about how to bring the music to an audience, a concept Clyne embraces. New people are continually being introduced to Peacemakers music through their live shows, where Clyne works to create community, to blur the line between band and audience, and spread their message through their "contraband." (Get more in our Roger Clyne interview. His website is
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