Album: Roger McGuinn (1973)


  • After finding success with The Byrds, Roger McGuinn released his first solo album in 1973. He talked about this track in a 1975 interview with Let It Rock. Said McGuinn: "'Draggin' is about two airline pilots who are sitting in the coffee shop, bored – because flying these days is a bit of a bore. You just sit there and punch buttons and talk. And say one's from one company and one's from another, and they say 'I'll betcha a thousand dollars' – which is a ridiculous, ludicrous figure – 'that I can beat you from LA to New York.'

    I wrote 'Draggin'' because I have a love of machines and things, and I sort of wanted to sneak a message out to all those airplane pilots. I mean, we used all the proper terminology, very updated and correct. We researched it quite well beforehand. We read the manual of the Boeing 747.

    And I'd like to explain that the screech that you hear, the landing – that was like Old Hollywood: we were out in the back lot of the studio and I used my car and came to a screeching halt, and we dubbed that back and forth."


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