I Wanna Love Like That Again

Album: Tattooed Heart (2016)


  • This just fell out one day while Ronnie Dunn was at home. "Ray Wiley Hubbard, a buddy from Austin, was [visiting] and he showed me this open G tuning on the guitar," Dunn recalled to Billboard magazine. "I didn't mess with it for a long time, and one day I just picked it up and started walking through the house."

    "I just played it all day long, and then the lyrics started coming to me, started painting the picture of that relationship that's gone on forever and they want to get back to that point of where they are in love again," he continued. "I was just going through the house in shorts, tennis shoes and a T-shirt playing that riff one day, and that's how a song comes out. That's how it always works for me."


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