Do It Again

Album: Do It Again (2014)
Charted: 75


  • This is the title track of Do It Again, a collaboration between the Norwegian Electronic music duo Röyksopp and Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn. The trio have worked together before. Robyn guested on Röyksopp's 2009 single "The Girl and the Robot" and a year later the Norwegian pair contributed to "None of Dem," a track from the Swedish singer's 2010 mini-album Body Talk Pt. 1.

    Robyn began working with Röyksopp in early 2013 in their home country of Norway and their collaborations took on a "band feel" so they decided to release a joint EP, rather than record for one another.
  • This song served as the project's lead single and was released digitally on April 28, 2014. It was conceived by Robyn and Röyksopp after a night out in Bergen, Norway.
  • The Do It Again EP debuted at #14 on the Billboard 200, marking the highest album chart position ever for a Norwegian artist. A-ha previously peaked at #15 with its debut album Hunting High and Low in 1985.
  • Röyksopp and Robyn made this song the day after a night of partying. Robyn recalled to The Sun: "We were thrown out, but all these simple ideas were tossed together, about wanting more. And it turned into that track."
  • The black-and-white music video was shot by Danish director Martin De Thurah in Mexico. It features a quartet of scenes showing different people rebelling against tyranny. Speaking with Dazed & Confused magazine, De Thurah explained: "The stories we worked on and the world we created was much more interesting and captivating than just to focus on (the artists') performance."

    "I worked with the idea of 'what is our heart's desire?' – and I realized that no one in the world truly gets to live out their passions," he continued. "We are all under some construct, whether you're an atheist living in Denmark or a gay person in Russia."


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