Cat Turned Blue

Album: Cruel Sun (1992)


  • Perhaps you're wondering why the cat turned blue. We were, so we asked Rusted Root frontman Michael Glabicki, who wrote the lyrics to this song, for details. He explained: "I think it's one of those things where it either makes sense to the individual, or it doesn't, but it's nothing that I could explain. Some people draw from it and go, Oh, it at least feels good or I understand it. Some people think it's about an overdose, so I've heard that a lot. Sometimes I write songs and you know that there is something going on there, but everybody's going to draw their own meaning from it.

    And it's not a matter of it needing to make literal sense. But there's a point, like you see a scale and there's a meter, and when it's at 10, you know that people are going to like it in the sense that they will draw from it and make their own conclusion. And there's a whole spectrum to be viewed and to be really conscious of that you're not just throwing stuff out there and hoping it sticks. Sometimes when you write a song it makes no sense whatsoever literally, but that meter goes up. And you know that everybody's going to go, Wow, that's really mysterious and I really feel it, or they'll draw some of their own conclusions from it. And that's that song."
  • Like "Send Me On My Way," Rusted Root included this song on their 1992 debut album Cruel Sun, but put a new version on their second album, When I Woke. Michael Glabicki explained: "on the version on When I Woke, we decided to come up with different first lyrics, so everybody in the band just started throwing stuff around. And I remember a couple of books that people were reading, and people came up with some images from those books, and other people threw in other images, and we came up with those lyrics. That's one song that I didn't write completely."


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