Album: Southside (2019)
Charted: 34


  • "Kinfolks" is another name for relatives. This song embodies the feeling of introducing a lover to meet the family. Throughout the tune, Sam Hunt explains the importance of bringing a new relationship into the mix. He also talks about showing his girl the places in his hometown that are most important to him.
  • Hunt was born and raised in the small Georgia town of Cedartown. He explained that for him, the phrase "kinfolks" doesn't just conjure up images of his family; he's also thinking about his hometown buddies he's still close to.

    "I've made a lot of new friends and met a lot of new people who are important to me since I've moved away," the singer said. "But that core group is still my core group. It's like that old saying, 'You can't make old friends.'"
  • Hunt penned "Kinfolks" with his producer Zach Crowell and longtime collaborators Jerry Flowers ("House Party," "Raised on It") and Josh Osborne ("Body Like a Back Road," "Downtown's Dead").
  • Did you catch the shout-out to his mom that Sam Hunt inserted into the song? She's the "Joanie" that'll "leave us on a light" in the second verse.
  • Sam Hunt admitted to ABC News that the guy he's singing about may be taking things a little fast in wanting to already introduce the girl to his "kinfolks."

    "It's talking about wanting to take it to that level of intimacy with this girl," he explained. "And obviously, he's being a little bit silly, because he's just met the girl."
  • Sam Hunt had the idea for a song titled "Kinfolks" but couldn't figure out how to write it, so he got together with his producer Zach Crowell and songwriters Jerry Flowers and Josh Osborne to help him.

    Flowers came with a guitar riff, while Hunt and Osborne started figuring out "Kinfolks" concept. After Osborne suggested they write the song along the lines of "I want to introduce you to my kinfolks," he started the chorus and together the four songwriters added to it finishing each other's sentences.

    Once they had the chorus, Hunt took it back home to work on the verses, before getting back to the other songwriters to tweak them.

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