Outside My Window

Album: Sarah Buxton (2010)
  • This up-tempo cut is the lead single from American Country music artist Sarah Buxton's self-titled debut album.
  • Buxton told The Boot about the song: "It's just a bunch of nonsense, to be honest! With four songwriters in the room with four strong personalities - me, Victoria Shaw, Mark Hudson, Gary Burr - it was a trainwreck to begin with! I go, 'Let's write a song about this bird who just keeps banging into the living room window! What's wrong with this bird? What's it thinking?' That's where it began, and we began thinking, 'What if you see this outside your window? Maybe you see that outside your window?' No matter what you see, you still need stars when you're wishing at night, a best friend to set you right... Through the ups and downs, that's the only thing that's gotten me through is loving myself and taking care of myself."
  • Co-writer Mark Hudson co-directed the music video, which was homemade and filmed with a budget of $80.


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