Gutter Ballet

Album: Gutter Ballet (1989)
  • Lead singer Jon Oliva told Holland edition Aardschok/Metal Hammer in February 1990: "The title song 'Gutter Ballet' deals with the contemporary reality in the streets of every major city. The song is more or less the opposite of 'Of Rage And War', both musically and lyrically speaking. The musical aspect seems obvious to me. After the brutal power of 'Of Rage and War', the quiet piano intro surprises you. And, as the problem of 'Of Rage And War' is evident, there's nothing you can do about it. It's not touchable. The problems out on the streets, on the other hand; you see them in front of you daily. It's especially about how un-friendly the streets can be, how confusing and how violent. But on the other hand, the streets can also be very beautiful, cozy and moving. The text comes forth from the mind of someone walking through a major city. Whether it is New York, Detroit or Chicago really doesn't matter. While writing the piano intro, I was thinking of a sunrise above a skyline of skyscrapers. Very peaceful. Until the city comes to life, and that's where the rest of the band comes in. Purposely this was done very abruptly, because all of a sudden the city changes into a madhouse." >>
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    DeeTheWriter - Saint Petersburg, Russia Federation


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