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Album: Scars on Broadway (2008)


  • The song seems to be about the general decay of the world that many still refuse to see and suggests that we're getting what we deserve. >>
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    Eric - Fullerton, CA
  • This was the band's debut single. Prior to its release, the record company scattered small pamphlets with lyrics and the date of the song's debut on the band's website in order to create interest.
  • Scars on Broadway is a side project started by System of a Down's lead guitarist and part songwriter Daron Malakian and his fellow System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan.
  • Dolmayan explained their Songwriting process to Artist Direct: "Daron brings in the songs about 85 to 90 percent done. He spends most of the time crafting the songs before he gets in the studio. Once we get in there, I might make a little suggestion here or there. Sometimes the suggestions work great, and sometimes they don't work at all. It just depends on what the suggestion is. For me, making this record wasn't different at all. I did the same thing for Scars that I did for System. It went a little easier, because there were only two of us making the decisions. So that's a little less complicated, but it really wasn't that different from System."
  • Malakian explained to Artist Direct the band's name: "It has nothing to do with Broadway. There are these light posts on Broadway Street in Glendale (California), and I've always thought they were strange. As a teenager, I went to Glendale High, and there are these light posts that have Swastikas scarred on the bottom of them. It's not graffiti. It's actually in the design of the light posts. They're scarred in there. The name comes from that. "Scars on Broadway" are the swastikas on the light post. It just baffles me that they keep them. They're one of the oldest things that remain here in Glendale. I'm not sure that they're the Nazi Swastikas, because they might've been here before that, but I've always found them intriguing. It's just an image that's very interesting to me, and it's dark. I can take that name, and it means something else to me. People sometimes say, "All the world's a stage." Well Scars On Broadway can also mean "All the world's a stage, and all we are is a scar on that stage." It can take on a couple different meanings. The idea of the name came from that light post, but then when I actually sat down and thought about the name, the meaning of the name meant something absolutely different to me, and it had nothing to do with that light post anymore [Laughs]."
  • The album was produced by Malakian though Rick Rubin, who has worked with System Of a Down, offered a few suggestions during rehearsal sessions.

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  • Hannah from Statesville, NcIts kind of funny b/c if you read the phamphlet Daron played all of the instruments while John only played drums ! XD
  • Hannah from Statesville, NcDaron is very very outspoken and adorable
    his charisma will be good for SOB ( amazing name !!!!!!!!!!! ) how did they get their name anyway ( however they did it it awsome !)
  • Daron from Petaluma, CaDaron Malakian wants to make it clear that Scars on Broadway is no Side-Project and he takes it very seriously like he did with System of a Down
  • Sara from Athens , GaI don't know this for certain but this my take. We in the US live the way we do, because most of the the third world suffers. If there was no hunger or extreme poverty, there would be no cheap wage labor... no cheap labor no cheap goods. We live the way we do, because their "given rights" are denied. Thus could you defend in a materialistic society the rights of those men? No a chance. Of course once again Daron is calling us to go against the grain and think for ourselves instead of buying into trends. The references to the prez and the media are pointing out the fact that the media is not an information source but a business to make money. So while the world and our country suffers from everything from poverty to AIDS... we don't hear the issues, we only hear that he didn't go visit the troops or he was on isle 6 of the grocery store. Lyrically, it's what we're use to seeing out of SOAD, but the sound of this band is much different so I think we shall see good things from Scars on Broadway.
  • Ileen from Glendale, CaI think this song has to do with everything that corrupts the world is going to over turn on us and is "all about to end".
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