• School of Seven Bells' third long player is a concept album about ghosts. Multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Curtis explained to Q magazine: "We had this idea that ghosts are not literally creatures out to terrorize you at night, but the things you haven't let go of, whether it's your idea of someone that hurt you, or your idea of someone you hurt, someone you love, someone you used to love-all these people populate your head and haunt you. Everything you do, every decision you make, they're there talking to you."
  • This song is titled after the female character whose memories are meant to form the basis of the album.
  • The album was recorded on a small studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Said Curtis to Q magazine: "We were actually evicted the very last day of recording. The building was condemned. We didn't realise. The last day we went in and the walls were ripped out. It's kind of funny - the room we made Ghostory in will never be there again."
  • Vocalist-keyboardist Alejandra Deheza is the band's lyricist. Curtis told Spinner how the words for the Ghostory album are based around both metaphorical and other ghosts surrounding a girl named Lafaye. "Alley has always written from the perspective of these different characters," he explained. "She's discovered this technique of taking a perspective and then making a complete personification of that perspective and writing songs from the point of view of that person. This time, what it turned into was basically this woman, Lafaye, became the central perspective of the record, and each one of these songs is really a conversation that she's having with another perspective, another event in her life. They're all inside her head."


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