Album: A Twist In My Story (2008)


  • John Vesely (AKA Secondhand Serenade) told MTV the story behind this song: "'Goodbye' is the last song on the album. It had to end with a bang. I originally wrote this song for the acoustic guitar but never had an ending for it. When I started recording this album, I started working on it again. I'm a sucker for builds, so I wanted to incorporate something leading up to an explosion. I decided to use a full band for the ending because it was so powerful and it really summed up the album well.
    This is a pretty angry song. Most of my songs are pretty sad, but this one is more angry. I wrote it a long time ago, before I even started Secondhand Serenade. The last project I was in was called Sounds Like Life. It was an acoustic duo. The guy I was in the band with started to pay a lot more attention to his side project, and I was putting everything I had into the band. I felt betrayed and I couldn't do anything about it, so I decided to go off and do my solo project. At the time I had no idea if I could do it by myself. It's a really scary thing not having anyone to fall back on and being alone on stage. I just felt like it was something I had to do."

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  • Mharize from Manila, Philippinesi really love this song , it reminds me of an ex lover. sometimes it's better to say goodbye to someone you love because you know it is for the best...
  • Jenniemel from Calapan, PhilippinesI love this song!
  • Ashley from Bloomington, Ili love this song. it makes me think about so many things. secondhand serenade is amaing :D
  • Jordan from Holland, MiI though 'Goodbye' would probably be about a guy saying goodbye to his girlfriend, or maybe a death in the family, but t his makes sense too. John really made it good by himself. =]
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