Save Yourself

Album: Tonight And Forever (2001)


  • This song is about a girl who decided to either not go out with someone or not have sex with someone because the guy wasn't truly into her, he just wanted some action. It seems to promote the sXe (straight edge) lifestyle, which promotes personal control. >>
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    Meg - Worcester, MA

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  • Niki from Cumming, GaThis has to be the best song ever written, the voice of the singer is so smooth and blends so well with the guitar!!!!! I love this song!!!!
  • Jj from Orange County, CaSense Field is the band. They were one of the founders of the "emo" movement and were part of the wave that included Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids etc. Senses Fail is a band that came around much later. This song is not exemplary of Sense Field's music which in general is much more energetic.
  • Jon from Who Cares?, GaThis band is called Sense Field... Senses Fail is a totally different Band.. I know Sense Field only because this song was featured on Roswell.. not only that Sense Field has broken up. And it couldn't be Senses Fail for that reason also.
  • Brittany from Madison, AlThis is my favorite song... it's senses FAIL by the way... not senses FIELD
  • Nelson from Memphis, TnYes, Senses Fail is a different band.
  • Chris from Melbourne, AustraliaThe song is simply about saving yourself for someone who really loves you, and cares for you. And not throwing your virginity away to some guy who only wants you for sex.
  • Mehree from Calgary, CanadaIn response to Becky, 'Senses Fail' is a compleatly diffrent bad, the two have nothing to do with eachother...
  • Becky from Brookfield, Ctthe artist is called 'Senses Fail'
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