Calling All Cars

Album: Still Searching (2006)
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  • In this song, the singer seems to have given up on love, as he has been constantly screwed over in relationships and he "Knows how its going to end." He ends his current relationship because he doesn't want to get hurt again. >>
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    Nick - Williamstown, NJ
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  • Dirtstick from Mitchell, SdThis song is about a guy who has the best girl in the world.. He knows it. He doesn't understan why someone as amazing as her is with someone like him. So he doesn't think that he deserves her and doesn't think that he can make her happy. BUT what he doesn't know is that she was so happy with him... He's trying to push her away. He doesn't know that it's hurting her worse this way... He knows he's going to regret it.. "Oh my dear, what have I gone and done now?"... The whole reason this comes about, is because the guy is lost and feels hopeless about him having any good emotions. It's easier just to push her away and forget about her...

    ...Barbera and Gray.... Irony. I agree halfway, but it goes deeper than what everyone else can see..
  • Barbara from Winner, SdAlso he says "what did you expect from me" which somewhat shows that the victim (the other people) must have not got what they bargained for and he doesn't think they had a reason to expect any more than what they got. In my view the girls he dates are the victims - totally agree with Banana
  • Gray from Aurora , CoI agree with Banana. Because it says "I swore i that i wouldnt let you down," doesnt that say that he promised the best and couldnt live up to it. So then it says "know that im gone try to forget me and just move on," says he left because he ws sick of hurting everyone and doesnt want to hurt anyone else. That would explain how in the video he is all tied up with hot girls all around him but he cant get to them because he doenst want to hurt them just like he has done in the past to others.
  • Jeremy from Brockpit, Pano, I agree with Nick, it is about him getting hurt. If you watch the music video he is tied up, and hot girls are all around him. Also "calling all cars" is speaking in terms of the group of girls, and the victim "him"-is tied up.
  • Banana from Seattle, WaObviously the song is not about him gettng hurt by someone else... its about him hurting others which is hurting himself hense "calling all cars weve got another victim, because MY love has become an affliction..."
    Great song either way...
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