Tear You Apart

Album: She Wants Revenge (2006)
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  • This song is about a boy who has a crush on a girl. He hopes that the crush will go away, but it continues to grow. Eventually the boy and girl go on a date, which leads to the boy wanting to do sexual things to her and whisper in her ear, "I want to f--king tear you apart." The band has said the violent lyric can be interpreted as either sexually or literally. >>
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  • Strooms from Your Mom’s Housewhen i saw the video she mentions “my dad wanted a boy but he got me” and later on the guy says “what are you?” this gives me the impression that she’s actually transgender and the “i want to rip you apart” could be literal or meaning that the group he brings wants to rip her clothes off to see what she really is.
  • The Sickness The Cure from UkWho is the actress that portrays Lydia in the video?
  • A Human from HellI think, and have thought since the first time I heard this song that it's about a boy who feels so much affection for this girl so much that the urge for violence seeps in (Similiar to how when you see an animal so cute that you just want to squeeze it.) some people get the sudden urge to bite their partner sometimes, sorry if my wording is weird I struggle to use words to explain my thoughts
  • Immy from N / AI think the “f--king year you apart” may be an unhealthy psychopathic type sick line, psychopaths usually develops fantasies and crushes and imagine doing violent things so it could be literal
  • Sky from N/aIdk how no one sees this as a song about sexual assault. Creeps me out
  • Karina He just wants some freaky sex he likes her a lot and has the hots for her , nothing weird about kinky sex!!!
  • Cheese from Milwaukee Maybe it's Necrophilic? Pretty cool
  • Alyssa from UkTo me this song shows that this boy/guy has a very dark imaginative mind and a deep crush on this girl that he has developed from just seeing her, the lyrics "An escape is just a nod and a casual wave
    Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days" shows that this crush is an obsession and everything that happens, he holds onto, he has developed this obsession so much that he craves to do things to her and has a violent passion for her, later through the song after she tells him how she feels, it shows that he doesn't mind weather it lasts or if it is a one night thing as it would satisfy his passion for the girl, true love in my opinion.
  • The Crypt from Ncfor some reason this makes me think about femicides, you ever heard those cases where the bou falls crazy in love with the girl, because she rejects him, it drives him crazy to the point he kidnaps her or rapes her and ends up ”ripping” her apart.
  • Mrs. Monster from Toronto CanadaAwsome song! I agree with Tea Leaf about the penis. Honestly it is what the listener wants it to be.
  • Galbratorix from MdShe was a vampire, the boy found something on her (maybe teeth). The strange men that save her are elder vampires that are taking her to learn to control it. She quite literally could have f@#cking torn the boys apart.
  • Tealeaf from Sydney, AustraliaHERE'S MY TAKE:

    This is about a boy who falls for a girl. They get close and he reaches down and finds that she has a penis. He takes off, gathers his mates off they go looking for her - to F##KING TEAR YOU(her) APART.
  • Casey from Glendale, AzThe "tear you apart" could also be another way of saying "popping her cherry".
  • Sharon from Fallon, NvTo me the lyrics "I want to f***ing tear you apart" seems to be an expression of the sometimes excruciatingly strong emotions we have when we are young. You want someone so bad you ache and feel almost a violent passion for them.
  • Ian from Ragama, Sri Lanka (ceylon)It's like expressing love in a very true way... Awesome...
  • Marissa from Alhambra, Cawhen i first heard it, it had a creepy feel to it. his voice and the music and the words. creepy. (: scary.
  • Kain from Nod, Inmy version is very vampiric, you really do not want to know
  • Eliza Desu from Sydney, Australiamy perception of the song was that it was a student/teacher relationship.. makes it kinkier :D lol.
  • Shelby from Idiotville , KyEXCELLENT and creepy song- maybe a little too violent for my taste though. The video almost makes you think about...Nazis or something.
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