Album: Bombs Away (2014)
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  • Australian six-piece Sheppard originally started as a duo when Amy Sheppard asked her brother George for help on a music assignment. Two years later Jay Bovino joined as the third songwriter and rhythm guitarist. Their six-member line-up was completed after bassist Emma Sheppard, guitarist Michael Butler and drummer Jared Tredly (later replaced by Dean Gordon) joined the band. Sheppard's debut self-titled EP peaked at #18 on the ARIA Singles Chart in July 2012.
  • This was released as Sheppard's second single (their debut release "Hold My Tongue" failed to chart) . It spent three weeks at #1 on the Australian singles chart in April 2014, the longest stay at the summit for an Australian artist or band since "Battle Scars" by Guy Sebastian in August 2012.
  • The title references Geronimo (1827-1909), an Apache Indian chief who led raids on American soldiers after his Chiricahua reservation was abolished in 1876. The custom of yelling his name before doing a courageous act originated in a 1939 movie about Geronimo. A number of American Indians in the paratroop units coined and popularized the phrase, shouting "Geronimo" to show they had no fear of jumping out of an airplane.
  • The song received a bump in the US after being featured in a popular lip-dub wedding proposal clip promoting NBC's Marry Me series.
  • The song started as a spontaneous idea of guitarist Jay Bovino just moments before a gig. George Sheppard recalled to "We were literally about two minutes from going on, and Jay had found this little wooden DJ booth at the back of the stage, and he kind of stepped into that. He was wearing these big, thick boots and started stomping on the wood. It made this big reverberating sound all throughout the backstage. He called Amy and I backstage and he started playing that opening 'Geronimo' riff; I think he had a Mumford & Sons-y type of vibe to it."

    "It was like a lightbulb moment," he continued. "There was something so engaging about that way he was strumming the guitar that we instantly started singing that opening melody, that 'Can you feel it?' I don't know, it was just one of those songs that comes out of nowhere and blindsides you."
  • This was the first single recorded in Brisbane to reach #1 in Australia.

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