Brent SmithVocals
Jasin ToddGuitar2001-2007
Brad StewartBass2001-2006
Barry KerchDrums
Zach MyersGuitar2005-
Eric BassBass2008-

Shinedown Artistfacts

  • Shinedown rocketed to success in 2003 on the back of their acoustic cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man." Frequently in live performances, the band members dedicated their version to deceased Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell.
  • Shinedown were vocal protesters of the presidency of George W. Bush, focusing much of their third studio album, The Sound of Madness, on the modern politics of the United States.
  • One of the singles from Shinedown's second album, Us and Them, "I Dare You," was famously performed by Chris Daughtry during his stint on American Idol. The song also became a theme for Wrestlemania 22.
  • Shinedown released three different versions of their 2005 album Us and Them. There is the regular, thirteen track version, a limited edition edition that includes three bonus tracks as well as a more widely available version with two bonus tracks.
  • Shinedown's most successful single of their early career was "Second Chance" from their third album, The Sound of Madness.
  • In 2008 guitarist Jasin Todd amicably left Shinedown, later joining successful alt-rock band Fuel.
  • Shinedown contributed a song, "Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)" to the 2010 Sylvester Stallone film, The Expendables.
  • Lead singer of Shinedown, Brent Smith, has described writing and recording a studio album as a "journey, finding out where you are in your life, not only as a person, but where you are as an artist and as a musician and how far you've come and how far you've grown."
  • The tour rider of Shinedown is full of fun. The guys constantly remind promoters of their southern origin which accounts for "good ole fried chicken," "Snapple sweet tea" and "the true taste of Coca-Cola." They joke about the purpose of the Grape-flavored Pedialite they request, which is "guaranteed to cure a hangover, or if we find a sick baby." The rider also contains a funny warning: "no purple skittles, purple is for terrorists." The last wish on the rider is for a special surprise that all band members can enjoy and they list some examples like "trinket, water guns,a million dollars, Asian hooker."
  • Bassist Eric Bass admitted to City Beat magazine having a fairly un-rock 'n' roll hobby. "More recently, I have started building model airplanes," he said in a 2013 interview. "I needed a quiet hobby I can sit in my house and do. It is something I have found solace in. It may be a little geeky, a little nerdy, but it is fun."

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  • Roser100 from Ini love shinedown! i think shinedown and five finger death punch are bestest
  • Zero from The Abyss, NjThe band line-up part of this page got some facts wrong. Zach Meyers was not in the band until 2008 - AFTER they recorded "The Sound Of Madness" album, same with Eric Bass (who also plays piano). The guitars, bass, and keyboards on that album were played by session musicians and studio technicians. Also, there were never 2 guitarists in Shinedown at the same time.
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