Le Disko

Album: We Are Pilots (2006)
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  • This song takes place in a dance club, and describes a girl who is a temptress. It seems that guys are not her preference, as we find out in the line: "if what they say is true, your a boy and I'm a girl, i can never fall in love with you." >>
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    Miranda - St. Pete, FL

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  • Mercedies from Soldotna, AkWasn't this song used in the L Word? I think it was. This song kicks ass. It seems to me to be about Lesbians, but it could be about something else. I wish the band members would clarify that. I love the video too. This song is catchy and awesome. I love the singer!!
  • Cristi from Mequon, WiI think it's about a lesbian/bisexual (or a group) who is fully aware that many men fantasize about girl-on-girl ("we're the dreams you believe in"), and she torments them by leading them on ("gonna f--k up your ego/silly boy, gonna make you cry"), but ultimately confesses "If what they say is true/ you're a boy, and I'm a girl/I will never fall in love with you".
  • Jocelyn from Deer Park, TxHold on, I'm a bit confused on the "if what they say is true..." part. Does she mean she's interested in females???
  • Chris from Athens, GaI asked Jeremy about the deejaying/club theory -- he says that it's not true at all. Although he was a deejay, it never happened like that.
  • Chris from Athens, Gai think that this song describes a group of girls who take on the femme fatale attitude toward all of the men in the club, just for fun. the line in the bridge (if what they say is true/you're a boy and i'm a girl/i will never fall in love with you) isn't meant to be taken literally. i think that it's yet another way for this group of women to mess with the men while they're out. i think that's the most obvious idea that the song is built around, as well as the lines in the second chorus (it's a chance gonna move/gonna f*ck up your ego/silly boy gonna make you cry).
  • Aleesha from Kent, WaThis song was thought of because the band members played at a club called le disko. one of the members djed at the club. they would 'test' out their songs on the crowd of le disko to see the reaction, whether it be good or bad
  • Alyssa from Forney , TxThis is a good song
    At first I thought it was about beating a guy up cause they talk about guns alot
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