On The Good Ship Lollipop

Album: America's Sweetheart Vol. 1 (1934)
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  • Shirley sang this in the movie Bright Eyes, for which she was honored with a special "pint-sized" Academy Award for her contributions on 9 feature films and 2 shorts in 1934.
  • Shirley was only 6 years old when this was released. This is her signature song.
  • The Persuasions released an album of children's music titled On The Good Ship Lollipop (Music For Little People) in 1999. >>
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  • This was composed by Richard Whiting ("Ain't We Got Fun?") with lyrics by Sidney Clare ("Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone"). Whiting was the father of popular singer Margaret Whiting, known by modern listeners for her wintry duet with Johnny Mercer, "Baby It's Cold Outside."
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  • Samantha from Monroe County, Pai love this song shes my idol!
  • Mike from Franklin County, Pa(from Wikipedia ):Shirley Jane Temple ( born April 23 , 1928 )is an Academy Award - winning actress and tap dancer , who is best known for being an iconic American child actress of the 1930s , and enjoyed a notable career as a diplomat as an adult . ..She rose to fame at the age of six in "Bright Eyes" in 1934 , and starred in a series of films which won her positive critical reception and saw her become the top grossing star at the American box - office during the height of the Great Depression. ..In later life, she became a United States ambassador and diplomat. ...She was born in Santa Monica , California to George Francis Temple (1888 - 1980), a businessman and a banker , and Gertrude Amelia Krieger (1893 - 1977)a retired dancer. ..She had two brothers , Jack (1915 - 1985)and George Jr.(1919 - 1996). .. Her mother loved dancing , which directed Temple toward performing. ..Gertrude was a constant presense on the lot during Temple's childhood acting years , helping her learn her lines and controlling her wardrobe. ..She modeled the "Shirley Temple Curls" off another actress known for her little girl roles , Mary Pickford . ..The curls were also under the control of Alex , who ensured that they were exactly 56 ringlets in her hair for each take. .. Temple remade several of Pickford's silent films including "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm". .. Temple would later sign with Pickford's company "United Artist". ..Pickford thought highly of Temple , asking her to portray herself in a biopic about Mary and her mother , Charlotte Hennessy in 1940. ..Temple declined and the film was never made. ... At age 17 , Temple was married to soldier - turned - actor John Agar (1921 - 2002)on September 19 , 1945. ..They had daughter (Linda)Susan Agar (sometimes known as Susan Black or Susan Falaschi) on January 30 ,1948; She is now a librarian at Woodside Priory School. ..Temple filed for divorce in late 1949, with the divorce becoming final on December 5 , 1950. ... In early 1950, while vacationing in Hawaii, Temple met with California business man Charles Alden Black(1919 - 2005). ..They married on December 16 that year. ..Together, they had two children:Charles Alden Black Jr.(born April 29 , 1952)and Lori Black(born April 9 ,1954). ..They remained married until Charles's death from myelodysplastic syndrome (a bone marrow disease), on August 4 , 2005; he was 86. ...Temple has one grandaughter , Teresa Falaschi Caltabiano (born 1980), who is Susan's daughter , and one great - granddaughter , Lily Jane Caltabiano (born 2007). ...Shirley Temple received a special miniature Academy Award Oscar "in grateful recognition of her outstanding contribution to screen entertainment of the year" (1934), the Life Achievment Award of the American Center of Films for Children, and a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award, 1985. ... Today , Shirley is living in Woodside , Clifornia. ...In April of 2008 , Shirley Temple Black broke her arm just before her 80th birthday in a fall at her suburban San Mateo County home of Woodside. (her website is : http://www.shirleytemple.com/ ).
  • Ekristheh from Halath, United StatesYou'd be surprised how many people think this is from Captain January. Her big song in that was "Codfish Ball".
  • Andy from Hunterdon, NjCorrect, Wes! Very few people know that The Good Ship Lollipop was actually an airplane - or, as they were commonly known back then, an airship. "Bright Eyes" is an adorable film, but many people today might be appalled at certain scenes that were intended to be amusing back in the 1930s when the movie was made - little Shirley hitch-hiking alone by the side of the road, then riding on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet, and then getting to operate a commercial aircraft just for fun, and also the spoiled rich girl getting slapped around by her mother.
  • Wes from Springfield, VaThe Good Ship Lollipop, in the film, was an airplane and not a boat.
  • Mike from Mountlake Terrace, Washingtonmusic by R. Whiting and words by S. Clare
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