Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa

Album: Agatis Byrjun (1999)


  • The title means "Good weather for air strikes." On Icelandic TV during the war in Kosovo, a weatherman ironically said: "I dag viorar vel til loftarasa" ("Today is good weather for an air strike'). Sigur Ros named the song after this. >>
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    Dane - Kaneohe, HI

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  • Miguel from Caracas, VenezuelaJonsi's voice is great!..There's an English translation in YouTube...It might help you understand what the lyrics mean...
    Miguel, Caracas, Venezuela
  • Yaniv from Ta, Israelit's an amazing song. i don't really like the effect on the vocals though
  • Kevin Mckinsey from Clarkston, MiThe music video for this (which is also amazing but VERY depressing, look it up) is about 2 gay boys in a very religious community that decide to come out one day. The song if you can find a good translation (suprisingly its hard to find an Icelandic to English translation [sarcasm]) is all about their strugle and how someday they will be together. This is personally one of my favorite songs, even if i can't understand a word hes saying. The meaning of the song is so much more then the words, and i love it.
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