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  • Skillet's fan base comprises both Christians and mainstream rock lovers. Despite warnings to stop talking about their faith, they have maintained a long career in which they've continually reached the upper regions of the rock airplay charts. This song finds frontman John Cooper singing about his determination to make his life count.
  • Never gonna keep me down
    Still the one who's standing now
    Destiny is calling me
    Go down in history
    Everyday I fight to be

    Frontman John Cooper told Billboard the band have always put their heads down and pushed forward when confronted with adversity. "There's a line in the chorus that says, 'Still the one who is standing now,' and that's how I feel about Skillet," he explained. "You all said it couldn't happen and we're all still standing. That's what 'Legendary' means."

    Cooper added the lyrics are a call to make your life matter. "You're going to have a lot of hard things in your life," he said. "Sometimes it will get you down, but you need to make your life count. You are only here for so long on earth, so every day fight to be legendary."
  • Cooper said the song holds a special place in his heart as Skillet have ignored the naysayers and had a long and successful career.

    "For me, what this song is about is it's to all the people who said that Skillet would never make it," he said. "They said we were too Christian. We were too pretty. We had too many girls in the band, too many keyboards. It's too musical. It's too this or too that and 23 years later and 10 albums later, we're very unlikely people to still be doing music."

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  • John Kaman Makur from South Sudanjohn cooper really talk reality most people don't believe what will happen next he make count that is it
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