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  • This song is about a man being baptized, and how it's like he's being reborn anew with no sins, when he was dying before.
  • Lead singer John Cooper told that his love of '80s rock 'n' roll acts such as Metallica, Bon Jovi, and Motley Crue greatly influences Skillet's heavy sound. "Eighties music was so dynamic and theatrical. I love it," he said, "I think our song 'Rebirthing' kind of embodies everything that I like about Skillet. It's heavy, but it's very melodic and I like how theatrical the vocals are. The string section is very classical sounding and it has a great guitar solo with a very '80s metal sound. It has everything that is good about Skillet in that song."
    Cooper added this is his favorite Skillet song.
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  • Pieter from Empangeni, South AfricaI agree with Jeffrey. When you decide to follow God, you are immediately finding yourself in a new life. That moment when you give your life and your troubles to God, you are rebirthing in Him. Being baptized comes after that, and baptism is the symbol that you want to take that extra step to show your dedication that you definitely want to continue with your earlier decision to follow God and rid yourself of your previous sins.
  • Juliet from Polokwane, South AfricaRebirthing--->born again! "The old has gone and the new has come" that's how I see the song! Finding Jesus, giving your life to Him and being washed in His blood...creating in you a new person! The old you must die first for the new you to be born...and that's exactly what's happening in this song! "Feel your presence filling up my lungs with oxygen, I take you in! I've DIED! Rebirthing now, I wanna live for love, wanna live for you in me! Breathe, For the first time now, I come alive somehow"
  • Jeffrey from Lockport, Ili understood the song as it was just a person who found God, and decides to follow him (the line "i wanna live for love, i wanna live for you in me, rebirthing now, i wanna live my life, i wanna give everything" but i never got the since that this person was being baptized, but every1 understands i song in a different way, even if its something minor...
  • Jake from Columbia City, InSkillet RULEZ. There need to be more Christian bands like them.
  • Janet from Orlando, FlI love the song but sometimes I think 'Why cant people just enjoy the songs dang!' but i got curiouse of their meaning's!^^
  • Alex from Fresno, CaThis song is about how life is suffocating him. He is making the choice to live his life for a greater purpose (God) and now he can finally relax.
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