Those Nights

Album: Moon Harbour Flights, Vol. 2 (2003)
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  • This song is about how we all need people and experiences that can get us through the pain we deal with day to day. Skillet's lead singer John Cooper explained on WayFM why he wrote this song. He said when he was 14 his mother died and he didn't have a very good relationship with his dad, and they would fight all the time. So every week he would look forward to those Friday nights where spent the night at his best friend's house. He said he never would've been able to get through those years without his best friend there: "Through all the hard times in my life, those nights kept me alive." >>
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    Brianna - Naples, FL
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  • Rhianna from Ontario, CaAnytime I hear the song.....I cry. Being able to get away from home and be with my best friend saved me. Now that we're not friends.....I don't know but I have my fiance' and I am alive today.
  • Josh from Trenton, Ilman when i heard this song for the first time it reminded me of all my memories when i needed to get away from my parents constantly B****** at me about anything possible. I give a shout out to my Best Friend Drew Adrian and my friend Jordan Fox
  • Jeffrey from Lockport, Ili couldnt agree more...
  • Landon from Winchester, OhThis is the perfect anthem for any friendship. Just give it a play and deeply listen to the lyrics. It reminds you that you and your friends care about eachother and are always there to help you through any situation.
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