Whispers In The Dark


  • This song is about how God is always with you. Even in the dark when you feel alone, God is with you, whispering to you in the dark. >>
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    Tyler - Cool place, KY
  • Skillet frontman John Cooper said that this song "was just about feeling alone." He explained: "There's a lot about loneliness on this album because when I look around our world with all the things that's happened with violence and wars and... then natural disasters that have been happening, all the people that are feeling alone and feeling that they're going through all these things themselves and they don't have anybody to lean on. So I wrote a lot about loneliness and 'Whispers In The Dark' is about, basically, when you do feel alone and you look around and there isn't anyone around and you think, 'That's it, nobody's there,' it's a song saying I will be there - you may not see Me all the time, but I am gonna be there. That was a very spiritual song in its intent that could be God talking to a person saying, 'It might seem like you're alone during all these hard times, but you're not.'" (Source: The Skillet Sizzle fanzine).
  • According to Radio & Records magazine, this was 2008's most played song on Christian Rock radio with 4,505 plays.

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  • Jayden The Great from Philippineswow thats lyrics is so DEEP!

    its is related to who are people feel alone and Isolated yet God never leave you behind
  • Juliet from Polokwane, South AfricaFrom the first moment I've heard this song; I heard God speaking to me! I felt His presence and realized, once again, that He is the light in the dark in EVERY situation!!

    Every song by Skillet is so inspiring...they are just awesome! And yeah, Jackie, RED is awesome and Flyleaf is my favorite christian band!!!
  • Jeffrey from Lockport, Ilweather u think of this song as a whisper from a friend, or from God or from whoever it is....its a powerful message, and a true message, no matter what your going through, some1 is always there, no matter wat it is, you just have to be will 2 bring ur head up and look around, your not alone
  • Stephanie from Adelaide, Australiai LUFF this song. The best thing about Skillet is that although they write their songs about god if you dont believe in him or something you can cahnge it to like a song about a relationship or something so their not forcing their religion on you.
  • Joey from Bristol, Tnthis is a great song. they also sing an acoustic version on 'comatose delux edition'(cd) i think it came out in 07' (jackie,breath into me,R0ckz!)
  • Jackie from Conifer, CoAmber if you love this song you should listen to these rockin bands Red *(breath into me), Manafest *(impossible) , POD *(youth of a nation), PIllar *(echelon), Seventh day slumber *(awake), day of fire *(cut and move), family force five *(earthquake), Flyleaf *(sick)....Icould go on forever but these are awesome *(song titles)
  • Ln from :), Qcthis song is awesome! i would have never thought it was about god! that makes it even better!!! :)
  • Janet from Orlando, FlLove this song 2!Man they rock bunchies!
  • Amber from New York, TnI love this song, even though I'm atheist.
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