Album: Bangarang (2011)
Charted: 24 72


  • This energetic banger is the second single and title track off Los Angeles electronic producer Skrillex's fourth EP. The song features the vocals of Sirah who gives a lot of shouts to all her "lost boys." The rapper also features on another Bangarang track, "Kyoto."
  • Skrillex doesn't show up in the song's music video but we do see a bunch of delinquent kids robbing an extra-large ice cream man before repaying him years later.
  • This won Best Dance Recording at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Skrillex also nabbed the gongs for Best Dance/Electronica Album for Bangarang and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for Nero's "Promises" at the same ceremony.

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  • Lacus from SomewhereAs a reply to Katje's comment. Yes. She is. In 1991 a movie named "Hook" came out. It was a story about Peter Pan going to the real world with Wendy, where he grew up and forgot Neverland. Hook finds his and Wendy's children however, and kidnaps them, forcing Peter to come to their aid. When we make it to Neverland, the current Lost Boys shout a phrase multiple times. This phrase is "Bangarang!" It is a battle cry of sorts. When Peter remembers who he was, even he shouts it. If you want confirmation, go look up clips. The other references are obvious.
  • Katje from AlbanyThe singer is NOT singing "lost boys." She is singing a very distinct "BOSS boys." The "B" sound is very, very clear. The shape your mouth makes when forming a "B" is very different from the shape made when forming an "L," and the sound is just as different. I don't understand why almost the entire internet decided it's "lost boys." And yes, I am aware of "Peter Pan," but despite the hook in the video, I am not convinced that any "Peter Pan" connection was intended.
  • Heath from Kincumber South, AustraliaFurther on Jesus' comment. ALL references to this song are clear that it's Peter Pan based.
    Ice Cream man loses hand, replaced by hook. Shadow work in the film clip indicates Peter Pan's mischievous shadow. 'Bangarang' and 'shout to my Lost Boys' are Peter Pan lines. If you watch 'Hook' with Robin Williams the Lost Boys constantly yell out 'Bangarang'
  • Jesus from Charlotte, NcIn an article it said that the "lost boys" in the music video and the song itself were and reference to the lost boys from Peter Pan, the ice cream man is shown with a hook for a hand at the end of the video as a reference to Captain Hook.
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