Album: Curdled soundtrack (1996)
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  • Alternatively "Obsession Confession" or simply "Obsession" (as an instrumental); this Flamenco-based collaboration between Slash and Marta Sánchez López is from the soundtrack of the slightly offbeat 1996 film Curdled that might just be considered a black comedy, in which a young woman who is fascinated with murder takes a job with a company in Miami that cleans up crime scenes after the police and CSIs have finished with them. One of her first assignments is a house where a psychopath known as The Blue Blood Killer has murdered his latest victim. Normally he beheads his prey - wealthy and attractive women - but this one hasn't been beheaded because he has been disturbed. Another twist to the plot is that while he was allowing her to die slowly, smoking a cigarette, drinking wine and washing away her blood in the sink, she managed to write his name on the floor with a particularly indelible biro.

    Needless to say, our heroine finds this damning evidence, and in the penultimate scene of the film she ends up in a bizarre dance routine with the killer before she beheads him. The obsession relates to her fascination with murder, and the film plays out with the song, which is credited to Slash alone. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England


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