Smash Mouth

Steve HarwellVocals
Greg CampGuitar
Paul DeLisleBass
Devin ColemanDrums

Smash Mouth Artistfacts

  • The group formed in San Jose, California. They were influenced by the Beach Boys and Dick Dale.
  • They performed the remake of "I'm A Believer" from the 2001 movie Shrek. "I'm A Believer" was actually written by Neil Diamond.
  • Before they signed a record deal, they got a break when their demo track "Nervous in the Alley" got airplay on San Jose's KOME radio. After releasing their self-recorded debut album Fush Yu Mang, Harwell delivered it to a friend at KROQ radio in Los Angeles. Within hours, KROQ added "Walkin' on the Sun," and the song rocketed to #4 on that night's countdown.
  • The 1999 Astro Lounge album established the group as a success. The song "All-Star" topped three national radio charts and hit #4 on Billboard's perennial Hot 100.
  • They're named after Mike Ditka's term for a no mercy style of football: "smash mouth football." Coleman wanted to call the group "Smash Mouth au GoGo," but was vetoed by the rest of the band. >>
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    Amy - Chicago, IL
  • They appeared in the movie Rat Race, where they sung "All Star" towards the end of the movie. >>
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    Dan - D, CA
  • Smashmouth lead singer Steve Harwell started a cancer research fund after his six-month-old son, Presley Scott Harwell, died in July 2001 from acute lymphatic leukaemia.

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  • Ken from Dupont, PaBand members are big fans of the movie "Scarface". The album "Fush Yu Mang" was taken from this movie. It's Tony Montana's favorite saying.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScMakes sense that there influences would be the Beachboys Nd Dick Dale. There music has a definite 60's feel to it.
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