Chris CornellVocals1984-1997, 2010-2017
Kim ThayilGuitar1984-1997, 2010-
Hiro YamamotoBass1984-1989
Scott SundquistDrums1985-1986
Matt CameronDrums1986-1997, 2010-
Jason EvermanBass1989-1990
Ben SheperdBass1990-1997, 2010-

Soundgarden Artistfacts

  • They were one of the earliest signees to the Grunge label, Sub Pop Records.
  • Thayil and Yamamoto moved to Olympia, Washington from Illinois in 1981 with Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt. They planned on attending Evergreen State College, but got swept up in the music scene.
  • Cornell originally played drums for the band, and was Yamamoto's roommate.
  • Soundgarden is named after a pipe sculpture in Sand Point Park in Seattle. It makes howling noises in the wind.
  • Yamamoto eventually left the band to return to school. He couldn't stay away from music, though, and later joined the band Truly.
  • Everman had been a member of Nirvana. He got the gig because there was an upcoming tour and he knew all of Soundgarden's songs. After touring with the band in 1990, he quit Soundgarden and joined the US Army, becoming a Ranger and serving tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Cornell and Cameron joined members of Pearl Jam to form Temple of the Dog. This band was a tribute to the late Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood.
  • Thayil enrolled in the University of Washington where he earned a degree in philosophy.
  • Cornell and Thayil met in a cover band called the Shemps. Cameron was in a band called Skin Yard and Shepherd was in March of Crimes.
  • The first 600 copies of their first album, Screaming Life, were printed on orange vinyl. They would include limited editions of later albums on colored vinyl as well.
  • The band disbanded in April 1997, mutually and amiably - they were simply fed up with the cycle of recording and touring. Cornell later formed the band Audioslave in 2002 and started a solo career. Soundgarden got back together in 2010 and released the album King Animal in 2012 - their first since Down on the Upside in 1996. >>
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    Kenny - Jamestown, CA
  • Chris Cornell has stated that he found it annoying that the metal media made a pin-up model out of his image, saying that the "Rock-God persona" they tried to build up around him was fabricated nonsense.
  • Kim Thayil would sometimes create a unique guitar feedback sound by blowing on the strings during songs. >>
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  • A turning point for the band came in 1992 when they toured as the opening act for Skid Row, a band with a much glossier sound. Despite the contrast in styles, Soundgarden was very well-received and expanded their fanbase. This proved that they had a wider appeal than many critics had claimed.

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  • Harry from South Bend, InAs far as grunge goes, Soundgarden is what appeals to me the most. Nirvana and Pearl Jam are great, no doubt, but Soundgarden's heavy themes, kickass rifts, and Cornell's powerful vocals are what make Soundgarden's sound so freaking amazing.
  • Steve from Bonner Spgs, KsSoundgarden and Pearl Jam are my favorite grunge acts. Cobain...WAY overated, sorry. Wish SG had done more. Everyone's always ready to jump ship and do the solo thing that goes nowhere. PJ: Rock like you did in the beginning...enough dirges.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaWell it's been months since I posted that last comment, and only one other person has commented so what the hell? Soundgarden is one of the greatest bands to have ever existed. I would seriously consider them in for the Top 10. Stop grunge-hating! Nirvana was the only grunge band. The others were just tagged with that label. Pearl Jam sounds nothing like Alice In Chains sound nothing like Soundgarden sounds nothing like Nirvana and so on.
  • Cel from Philadelphia, PaSoundgarden is one of the greatest bands ever. They should have never split up.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaWhy is this page dead? Soundgarden is so great, but most people only know "Black Hole Sun" and "Spoonman." I personally prefer "Jesus Christ Pose," which is not an anti-Christian song, but a song criticizing celebrities for comparing themselves to Christ, claiming that they had been persecuted by the media. Anyway, I think Chris Cornell has the best voice and Kim Thayil is a very innovative guitarist. On VH1's countdown of the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, I was surprised to see that Soundgarden was placed at number 14, just ahead of Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd! Now that made me very happy, although Led Zeppelin was number one I'm pretty sure, which always pisses me off because I think Guns N' Roses is the greatest. I actually would've put Soundgarden higher, and placed Nirvana way further back. Hooray!
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlFirst of all, Zack de la Rocha was what made Rage Against The Machine the band that they were. Jason Everman was an unimportant member of everything he was ever involved with. They shouldn't even be compared to one another. That said, Soundgarden owns.
  • Jason from Dover, PaJason Everman was Nirvana's 2nd guitarst NOT a bassist, Krist Novoselic was the ONLY Nirvana bassist
  • Marco from Stanfield, United StatesJason everman was in the soundgarden interview cd and in it he says that he QUIT nirvana because he did not like his musical role in it, but actualy he was one of the many bassists that were booted from nirvana. He was kicked out of nirvana for being too withdrawn and not putting any effort into his "musical role". later he was replaced by ben sheperd because he wasagain too withdrawn and did not say much in soundgarden. i dont know if he is in another band but much like zach de la roca he thinks he plays a huge part in th band when the band members were actually better off without them.
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