Spinal Tap

Spinal Tap Artistfacts

  • 1967-
    David St. HubbinsVocals, guitar
    Nigel TufnelGuitar, vocals
    Derek SmallsBass, vocals
    Viv SavageKeyboards
    Ronnie PuddingKeyboards1967-1971
    33 various membersDrums1975-mid '80's
  • They were the subject of the legendary 1984 cult rockumentary This is Spinal Tap, which the band immediately denounced after its release.
  • St. Hubbins married longtime girlfriend Jeanine Pettibone in 1986, but they divorced on good terms in 2000.
  • St. Hubbins flunked his US citizenship test after referring to the two Houses of Congress as the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
  • Savage was killed by a natural gas explosion at the grave of late Tap drummer Mick Shrimpton.
  • Savage was originally a drummer before joining Tap.
  • The group has a bad history with drummers. All of their drummers seem to die, whether through mysterious gardening accidents, choking on vomit, or spontaneously combusting.
  • Tufnel owns over 100 different guitars.
  • The band had Marshall create special amps just for them that went to "11." They never caught on.
  • After losing the name "The Thamesmen", Spinal Tap became "The Originals", which, ironically, was already taken. The band changed their name to "The New Originals." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeff - Seaville, NJ
  • Ronnie Pudding played bass until 1967, when Derek Smalls replaced him. >>
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    Tim - Kittery, ME
  • David St. Hubbins contends that the origin of his surname, St.Hubbins, was the patron saint of quality footwear. >>
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    Jon - Seattle, WA

Comments: 12

  • Christopher from Spanaway, WaYes, Tap qualifies as a real band! They played their own instruments, sang their own vocals, did live concerts during the movie shoot and after, etcetera. All members are very talented. Nigel Tufnel, for instance, has a very high IQ in real life. The movie was an act, and it was an improv. They actually ad-libbed a lot of it, such as when Derek Smalls stated during a priceless interview that he had taken LSD "Seven...s--seventy-two times". They were brilliant, and I will never get tired of this movie. In case you don't know it, Harry Shearer (Smalls) has done voices for "The Simpsons" for its entire 23-plus year run. And by the way, people: check out Spinal Tap Unplugged!
  • Matt from Cherry Hill, NjAlthough Tap isn't a real band they got together to make an actual album after the strait to t.v. special movie thing. The only problem with this was they took themselves too seriously and it kind of made the music sound too serious compared to their soundtrack featuring great songs lik Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight, Big Bottom, Sex Farm, Hell Hole, Heavy Duty, and Rock N' Roll Creation (when Smalls got stuck in the pod thing.) Still one of my favorite bands that don't actually exist.
  • Tom from East Lyme, CtOh my god, this is probably my favorite movie. The whole movie was improvised, and it was HILARIOUS. by the way, this is not a real band, it is totally fake.
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flspinal tap is NOT a band...it was just the greatest band that NEVER was...
  • John from Kirkland, WaIs Spinal Tap A band? Or not? The actors did do an awesome job! There are people out there who truly thought that Spinal Tap was a real group & real band ? not just created for the movie. But the movie created the band, and now it is part of our music history.
  • Logan from Durham, Nhthats a hilarious movie these guys also did the movie "best in show" which was about a dog show
  • Chris from Limington, MeI saw these guys at The Channel in Boston when they toured and they were a great show. No virtuosity mind you but a great show!
  • Street from Brisbane, AustraliaThese guy could always play great, as on the 'Break Like the Wind" live tour dvd i did own once," it was stolen"
    The only disapointing moment for me was no "Viv Savage" he really was what made that band tick in the early 80's. He's gone on to great things. www.vivsavage.com
  • Bloozer from Pelham, NhI think they count as a band cause they played their own instruments and wrote and recorded their own songs.
  • Shell from Riverdale, GaAn acquaintance of mine in the mid/late 1980s thought Spinal Tap were a real band. He raved about their participation in the metal bands' version of "Band Aid". When I told him St. Hubbins was really American actor Michael McKean of "Laverne and Shirley" he said, "Oh yeah!? Well where did the English accent come from?!!" Uh, dude...he's an ACTOR!
  • Bob from Mt. Laurel, NjTheir not a real band. They're comedians and their real artistfacts is Spinal Tap(2).
  • C.j. from Tunkhannock, PaDo these guys really count as a band? Great movie though.
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