No Bullets Spent

Album: Everything Hits At Once: The Best Of Spoon (2019)
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  • Spoon included this on their first-ever compilation album, a collection called Everything Hits At Once: The Best of Spoon. On the band's website, lead singer Britt Daniel explained he wrote this tune during the previous summer during a heatwave in New York City. "It's a rock song about an oppressive master," he added.
  • According to Daniel, the track features his first guitar solo in years. It also marks Gerardo Larios' (guitar/keyboard) debut on an official Spoon record.
  • Condensing more than two decades worth of music into one disc was a tough process for the band members, who each had their favorite tunes. "After a couple weeks of late nights, listening to each album in its entirety and mulling over what constitutes a 'hit,' the best thing seemed to be to pick our favorite songs to play and our favorite moments on record, then arrange them to give a flow and identity to this record itself," Daniel explained. "This band started as an excuse to get up on stage and play weeknight bar gigs in Austin with our friends Stretford and The Wannabes and The Teen Titans and Sincola. For us to have been able to keep going long enough to make enough albums to warrant compiling is more than I coulda imagined or hoped for." >>
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  • This features a guiro, a Latin American percussion instrument that is played by raking a stick across its ribbed body to produce a ratchet-like sound.
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