Everything Changes

Album: Chapter V (2005)


  • This song is about love and losing someone that is dear to your heart. Aaron Lewis sings with a great deal of emotion about someone who has left his side. >>
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    Bryan - Philly, PA

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  • Quay from Milan, Pathis was the song that gave me hope in my lowest point of life. the struggle, hurt, and full-blown emotion in Aaron's voice is so damn powerful, it send shivers down my spine EVERY TIME i hear the song... thank you Staind!!!!
  • Iain from Medford, Mai can relate to this song in alot of ways. my best friend, of whome i call my sister because we're so close, is moving on from middle school with me. the only difference is, is that the highschool im going to is not the same as hers, and we havent seen eachother on months. a couple of weeks ago, so told me that she was moving away and that night, i cried myself to sleep with this song playing full- blast.
  • Pilar from Dublin, IrelandWow my dear f--k! what a song :) unbelievably amazing has been my favourite song in this world since the second i first heard it :) aaron sings this from the deepest place in his heart and i can relate to it because i have an extremely messed up relationship with my brother who has a substance abuse and just cant seem to be a brother at all im always wondering why. This song since the moment i heard it is for my brother although that may sound strange to others thats my perception of the whole thing.
  • Emily from St. Louis, MoWonderful example of humility. Admitting fault and asking for forgiveness, even though you don't really deserve it. It's like smoking even though you know it's bad for you. Sometimes you stay with people even though they hurt you because the feelings you have when you're with them are so great, hence the line, when it's just me and you who knows what we could do? Beautiful song written by a beautiful human being.
  • Shodiq from Jogja, Indonesianice and inspired one..we can change everything if we do it 2gether......
  • Scott from Jackson, AkThe song to me is about losing someone you love and how everything changes when they are gone.
  • Allyyyyy from Chicago, IlI love this song. Love love love love love it. My boyfriend and I are always fighting, and this song describes in perfectly. We really love eachother, but he has a substance addiction and I have trouble dealing with that. But he is the mess that I chose, and we will get through it. We will.
  • Sara from Calhoun, GaI believe the song is about a relationship with someone who has a substance abuse problem. She struggles with forgiving him for the things his addiction has caused to hurt her. He feels that if she could truly forgive him for his mistakes he could feel safe to stop using.
  • Nicole from Lake Comorant, Tni love this song this is my boyfriend and mines song i love him so much he is the best thing that has ever happened to me....this song just explains us perfectly! he is everything i want in someone he is the true meaning of soulmate he is my sugar face there are very little words to explain but i try to do the best i can i just love him so much! this song is so meaningful!
  • Darianne from Manila, OtherThis is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard... And I guess it actually happens. There are some things that are just beyond forgiving, even for people who love too much.
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