And It's Better Now

  • Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi wrote this song with the group's road manager Bob Young, who was also a songwriter in the band. The song is very much about trying to write a song, and deriving inspiration through music. The track is from Status Quo's sixth album, Hello!, and by that point the band was taking some flack for writing songs that sounded the same. When Rossi started thinking about this, he realized that it didn't matter because any song he was writing was his song, and the words were his to ride along with.
  • The line, "Everyone sings of a god they have known, now I have a god of my own," came to Francis Rossi when he was watching a television program about kids who went to boarding school. A young kid was talking about how lonely it could seem at school, and he said, "Everyone talks of a god they know, but now I've got a god of my own, and I'm fine."

    "I remember thinking, That's a great line: 'Now I have a god of my own,'" Rossi said in our interview. "People should just have a god of their own without trying to sell it to somebody else."


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