Ay Caramba

Album: Single release only (2018)
Charted: 32
  • Lizzy is a streetwear brand created by the UK rap artist Dion "Sincere" Hamilton, which is often sported by the likes of Stormzy. This track is not only the first single released by them, it is the first single as a whole in the UK by a clothing label.
  • The song features London rapper Fredo spitting a couple of verses. He kicks off his rhymes by declaring:

    My top is Lizzy, don't even touch me

    Nottingham singer/rappers Young T and Bugsey supply the hook on which they express on their express their astonishment at encountering such a pretty lady in the club:

    Ay Caramba
    Body good, body proper
    Let me blow all my wonga
    All I want is a one dance

    Ay, caramba! is a Spanish exclamation used to denote surprise (usually positive) Bart Simpson of The Simpsons often uses the phrase to express surprise, emotional distress or discomfort. In fact they were his first ever words when he was a baby after witnessing his mom and dad in bed having sex. His usage has further popularized the phrase in modern pop culture.
  • The song's easy summertime beat is courtesy of Wiley and Bugzy Malone collaborator Toddla T.


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