Lovely Meter

Album: At Your Birthday Party (1969)


  • One of two ballads on Steppenwolf's third album, At Your Birthday Party, "Lovely Meter" is played with two acoustic guitars and harmonium. The song was written by Gabriel Mekler, who produced the album, and it was sung by bass player Nick St. Nicholas. John Kay didn't participate much in this album so the other band members and Mekler have a larger presence. >>
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    Petr - Brno, Czech Republic

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  • Randy from Fayettevile, Ar"At Your Birthday Party" was a much anticipated album in 1969. I had gone crazy over Steppenwolf's first two LPs because they were so good. The graphics art on this LP was really wild and zonked out. This LP was certainly different from it's predecessors because of John Kay's minor involvement. I never heard why he did that. Anyway, one of the real stand-out songs on this LP is "Jupiter's Child" a really strong Steppenwolf-type rocker with amazing vocals by John Kay, with great guitar & drum work! Songfacts should devote a separate site to "Jupiter's Child" because of it's musical quality. It was included in their more recent CD "Steppenwolf's Greatest Hits." Back in 1969, the album came out as a "fold out" album. Usually, double albums used "fold out" to hold the two vinyl discs, but on this LP it was used for the wild graphic art & liner notes with the one disc. It was a favorite on the FM underground radio stations popular in the late 60s and early 70s. Very strange radio format. Underground radio played a lot of controversial & powerful music, which meant there was a lot of Steppenwolf. Especially in the underground radio stations in & around Kansas City area.
  • Petr from Brno, Czech RepublicJerry Edmonton sang "She'll Be Better", another ballad on this album. But "Lovely Meter" was sung by Nick St. Nicholas. It was told in the interview with Nick St. Nicholas:
    "Q: "Lovely Meter" written by Gabriel Mekler and featured on the Birthday album is a beautiful ballad that you sang lead vocal on. Can you tell us a little bit about that song?
    A: When I heard the melody, I fell in love with it but wanted to have John or somebody else sing it. Nobody wanted to sing it because, like you mentioned in your question, the melody was too beautiful. Steppenwolf was more raw & Harley and Davidson crunch guitar with twilight supernatural spin-doctor whirly B3 Hammond overtones. Well, we drew straw. I ended up with the short straw. I first sang the song in Swedish. They all thought that was funny. Some ended up on the floor laughing. Gabriel insisted we get serious. Most of whoever was there, left & went home. I then did the vocal tracks in English with a Canadian accent."
  • Daniel from Seattle, WaIn point of fact, it is Jerry Edmonton, the drummer, singing on this song. Nick St Nicholas joined just prior to this album, but Edmonton's vocals can be heard on the group's previous album, STEPPENWOLF THE SECOND, singing on "28" and "Faster Than the Speed of Life."
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