Red, White & You

Album: We’re All Somebody From Somewhere (2016)


  • This uptempo country anthem was written by Stephen Tyler with Nathan Barlowe, Levi Hummon and Jon Vella. It is a love song that also celebrates being an American.
  • Levi Hummon is the son of famed songwriter Marcus Hummon. This was his first song that was recorded by a major artist. He connected with Steven Tyler through Desmond Child, who is Hummon's publisher and good friend of Tylers - Child co-wrote the Aerosmith hits "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" and "Angel" He told The Boot about meeting the legendary Aerosmith frontman.

    "They were just hanging out in the studio, and Desmond played him a bunch of my songs, including one that wasn't finished called 'Red, White & You.' Desmond told Steven, 'You need one of those old Aerosmith, rock-out-in-the-stadium songs.' He played that for him, and Steven was like, 'I need to put my voice on that right now.'

    I went down to the studio, and I was sitting there at the console, listening to the demo, and Steven Tyler entered the room. All of a sudden, this amazing cologne smell was in the room, and Steven just ran up from behind me and grabbed me and was like, 'What's up, dude?'

    My heart stopped for a second, and [I] turned around and was like, 'Play it cool, dude. Just play it cool.' I was 100-percent starstruck, and I was in a room with him for 12 hours being starstruck … Still, to this day, I'm like, pinch me or something, because it's Steven Tyler; he's one of the most iconic voices in history. My favorite song growing up was 'Dream On' and I would cry when I heard it."


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