Soldier's Angel

Album: In Your Dreams (2011)
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  • Nicks reunited with her former beau and bandmate, Lindsey Buckingham, to perform on and help finish this track. She told Billboard magazine it "is truly my most sacred and revered song." "We recorded it live and did some harmonies, and then he did some little lead guitar things and it was perfect," she added. "There's no other players, just me and him. Not only did we create something that's probably as Buckingham Nicks as we have been since 1973, but... I think that song really brought Lindsey and I back together. He said to me as he was leaving on that second day, 'I feel like we're closer than we've been in 30 years.' It certainly opens a lot of doors."
  • During a show at Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on May 26, 2011, Nicks explained the genesis for this song was a day in 2005, which she spent visiting wounded soldiers at a hospital. On her way out, an emergency crew rushed in another set of the wounded. "I went in a girl and came out a changed woman," she told the audience. The experience inspired her to write a poem. Four years later she tried to turn it into a song after witnessing the media response in London to news, that seven British soldiers had been killed in Iraq. Nicks spent close to a year fruitlessly trying to pen the tune before eventually turning to Buckingham for help.

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  • Ric Alcantara from Wausau WiI remember taking Stevie Nicks thru the different wards of Walter Reed Army Medical Center where she carried a poster with Soldier Angel lyrics visiting Wounded Warriors. Stevie was the most compassionate person that I ever took around WRAMC visiting Wounded Warriors and their Families that she was the only visitor I had that I took to the ICU visiting Families that needed encouragement, and she truly did that. She came early in the morning and not leaving until she visited all Patients and their Families. Love her more than ever. I have a copy of the Poem as well as the Ipod that she gave every single Warrior containing over 1,000 songs that she selected herself.
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationStevie Nicks has spoken out saying that U.S. troops could use more support from their fellow Americans. She has leant her own support by visiting with wounded soldiers.
    Speaking with FOX411, she said that some veteran assistance programs are in need of financial support: "I have been (to visit wounded soldiers) many times. It's something I do now because many are very injured, and they need help, and they need people. They need people to send money to the USO and to the Wounded Warriors . . ."
    She added that she had done her part by writing them a song, "Soldier's Angel," after visiting a hospital for the wounded: "I went back to my motel and wrote the poem . . . it took me four years to put it to music. I've now given that poem out to hundreds and hundreds of soldiers and their families, their sisters, brothers, moms, dads, grandmothers, nieces, godchildren, everybody."
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