Huckleberry Crumble

Album: Stone Temple Pilots (2010)
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  • This Seventies-tinged number is a track from American rock band Stone Temple Pilots' self-titled sixth studio album. Frontman Scott Welland told Spinner UK that for the record the band returned to the same formula they used for their hit albums Core and Purple. He said: "For the most part, Robert and Dean [DeLeo] write the instrumental riffs and then amongst the three of us we arrange the songs and then I write all the melodies and the lyrics."
  • Bassist Robert DeLeo told Spin magazine that this is one of a number of the tracks on Stone Temple Pilots that use their original working titles. He explained: "These were actually working titles from when Dean, Eric [Kretz], and I were writing the music at Eric's studio. Scott has gravitated toward them and we're officially using those titles, 'Huckleberry Crumble' included. [Faux British accent]: 'And it's another good rocker baby!'"
  • Dean DeLeo (from "Without a doubt, it has the same swagger as Aerosmith's Same Old Song and Dance. The arrangement is almost the same: riff, solo, verse, chorus, solo, back to a second verse - it's pretty much the same setup."
  • Dean DeLeo commented to "It's amazing how a song like this can change depending on the gear you use. If you play it on a Tele with a clean sound, it's a hillbilly song. But if you plug a Les Paul into a Marshall and play the same chords, it becomes a monster. You get that T-Rex crunch."
  • While the song was being demoed to him in the studio, Weiland immediately began hunting for a pen and pad of paper. Dean DeLeo recalled to Ted Stryker in an interview on his KROQ-FM show: "From the first downbeat of the song, Scott was just in, and just writing down, and I think [he] had the melody within minutes."


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