Kitchenware and Candy Bars


  • This song is about an abortion decision Scott Weiland and his wife were faced with. Stone Temple Pilots performed it live for the first time on VH1 Storytellers in 2000, and the song was inspired by what Scott Weiland called "a painful and heartbreaking experience, when a former partner and I went through an abortion. It was a difficult choice for both of us. But thank god we were able to have that choice." >>
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    Richard - Porterville, CA

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  • Guy from Revere, Mathis is the best STP album. the second one.
  • Eric from Lake Orion, Miend is really weird
  • John from Pittsburgh, PaYeah it's like a parody hidden track "My Second Album"
    If you look on the back of the album, it says "12 Gracious Melodies" and there's only 11 tracks.
  • Mel from Riverbank, CaAfter this song ends there is a hidden track.. really bizarre, kind of cheesy 70s panty throwing stuff.
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