Too Cool Queenie

Album: Shangri-La Dee Da (2001)
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  • This song was written by STP lead singer Scott Weiland, who at the time refused to comment on it's subject, but later revealed that it was about Courtney Love, something most fans suspected.

    The lyrics describe a woman who berates a man in a rock band until he kills himself - a thinly veiled reference to Love and her husband, Kurt Cobain. Wieland and Love spent some time together in the late '90s when she was at odds with Cobain's bandmates Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. He said that "Too Cool Queenie" was "a fanciful version of the story of her and Kurt."
  • In a 2016 interview with Courtney Love on the Anna Faris podcast, Love spoke about this song being written about her: "Some people would write songs about me that I didn't date, like Stone Temple Pilots wrote a song about me, about a 'self-destructive blonde chick.' They'd write the 'self-destructive blonde chick' song and say that's about [me]."

    When pressed about whether Love and Weiland had a relationship, she replied, "I got him out of rehab once, we had an adventure, we stayed at Shudders, I got him into rehab, but we never did that no, I never dated him, or whatever you want to call it."

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  • Aaron from Bristol, InKurt wasn't murdered but Scott is suggesting that Courtney lead him to blow his brains out by constantly tearing him apart:
    "There was this boy he played in a rock-n-roll band and he wasn't half-bad, at saving the world. She said he could do no right so he took his life. His story is true"

    Scott also changed the lyrics at a show in Texas in 2008: "And she made lots of money and some of his too" into "And she made lots of money and STOLE his too."
  • Mike from Lasalle, OnJoBeth from Centreville Kurt was NOT murdered I'm pretty sure if he was the police would have found it out by now. Kurt blew out his brains with a shot gun that he bought. Although I do agree with you that Courtney mangles the amazing songs that Kurt wrote and she should NEVER, EVER, TOUCH KURT'S SONGS!!!!
  • Adrian from Chicago, IlThere is no doubt this song is about Courtney and Kurt.
  • Jo Beth from Centreville, MiI definately think this song's about Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. I had the feeling before I even read the song facts. (But that could be because I have Nirvana on the brain all of the time.) It talks about how she made some money and some of his too. Courtney definately has taken advantage of Kurt's songs and performs them all the time. "Performs" isn't the right word...mangles is more like it. She changes the words and that with the fact that she's a terrible singer and guitarist makes it more embarrassing. But no matter what this song is about we all know Kurt was murdered.
  • Tessa from Ottawa, CanadaI have listened to it, and I still dont believe you.
  • Erik from Davis, CaI wouldn't be surprised if this is about Courtney. The words seem to decribe her so well. I think that if she didn't "kill" him, she had something to do with it. Listen to "You know You're Right" if you don't believe me.
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