Swallow The Knife

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  • This song about cutting yourself and how much it bleeds. They said that it's mostly about someone who is depressed and feels like that person wants to killed himself or how much it bleeds. >>
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    Sarah - Reed City, United States
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  • Heather from St.louis, Mofirst of all story of the year ROCKS!!! and how do you know that they dont know what real deprression is like, i bet they do.whoever reads this probably wont believe me. but my cousin used to go to school with some of the people from story of the year. i would not lie about this. and i promise that SOTY does know what real depression is like.
  • Tara from West Palm Beach, Flum okay this song is first of all about losing someone and not being able to do anything to get them back. hence their hands are tied.

    and what do you know about this band anyway? how do you know that they "dont even know what depression is?" why because they don't sound the way you like? maybe it's because you don't know them. the band as a whole has nothing to do with depression. they are regular people who have their own lives that you probably know nothing about unless you are in them.
  • Brett from Jacksonville, Flwho are you to say that? you don't know them personally...so how would you have any idea if they know what real depression is like
  • Shawna from Cleveland, OhIsn't this song more of a figurative thing? SOTY is awesome. I don't really think they wrote a song about slitting your wrists. "So our open wounds will bleed/until our veins run dry" is more just a metaphor for how they're feeling. Sorta like they have a problem thats going to keep bothering them until it pushes them over the edge. I think.
  • Kevin from Vorrhees, Nji bet this band doeset know what real depression is like
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