Pieces Of Eight
by Styx

Album: Pieces Of Eight (1978)
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  • A "Piece Of Eight" is a silver coin which served as currency for the Spanish empire. The song was written and sung by Dennis DeYoung, and is about how money can't buy everything. DeYoung sings about a man looking back at how beautiful his life was meant to be. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Liam - Dublin, Ireland
  • The album Pieces of Eight was Styx' 8th studio album released. The Grand Illusion was released prior to this as their 7th album, on July 7th, 1977, (7-7-77). >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Randy - Colerain Twp., OH
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Comments: 2

  • Paul from Croydon, PaWell said Randy! Definately one of the best songs penned by Dennis DeYoung and one where the fine musicianship of the band comes together with the lyrics to drive exactly your point home - money sure as hell ain't everything!
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhThis is perhaps one of my favorite Styx songs- not to mention from one of my favorite Styx albums. When I had first heard the lyrics to the song, it did remind me of how someone would commit a crime for financial gain, only to be caught and imprisoned- that this person would give up his freedom for greed. I also think about this song for those who have jobs- most notably managerial positions that pay well, but are forced to work long, stressful hours. This song is definitely an example as to why money cannot always buy happiness- and not to trade your life for the almighty dollar.
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