This Is Your Life Timmy Lea

Album: Confessions Of A Window Cleaner soundtrack (1974)
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  • Over the course of the Twentieth Century, American film studios produced blockbusters like Gone With The Wind (1939), Ben-Hur (1959), 2001: A Space Odyssey, (1968). While the top grossing British film of 1974 was...Confessions Of A Window Cleaner.
    As might be expected, this was a slightly titillating sex comedy, which thirty years on would not even make the local vicar blush. Although the film was never in danger of winning an Oscar, the theme song - written by Roger Cook and Roger Greenaway - captures the essence of the lead character played by Robin Asquith with the hook "'re really not a loser, you just find it hard to win." The vocals are credited to Sue Cheyenne, a name which appears nowhere in any database save in relation to this film, so it is quite likely a pseudonym that was used for a session singer.
    The film was based on the eponymous book by Timothy Lea, the nom de plume of the London-born author Christopher Wood, who wrote a series of "confessions" novels both as Timothy Lea and as a female alter ego Rosie Dixon. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
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