Fueiho Boogie


  • The 1948 Businesses Affecting Public Morals Regulation Law, also known as Fueiho, regulated entertainment places in Japan. The law forbade dancing in nightclubs with dancefloors smaller than 66 square meters, or ones that operate after midnight (1am in some places). Following a petition signed by 155,879 people, the ban was lifted in October 2014.

    This song is about the Fueiho law. Vocalist Austin Williams explained to NME: "When we went to Japan, which we were so excited about as we all had never been there before. We were asking everyone questions wherever we went so we could absorb the most, just like a bunch of excited kids. This one American guy came up. He was like, 'Yeah, you can't dance here man,' and we were like, 'What the f--k?' We were freaking out. Everyone was like: 'That's not true!' We had to find out if it was true or not. There's a law that you can't dance there after 12 o'clock in clubs. Everyone we tell this story to is just as jaw-to-the-floor as we were. We researched a bit about it and there's so many great stories about it. I just thought: 'I couldn't not write lyrics about this and put them to this song.'"
  • This was voted #10 by the staff of NME in their list of the best tracks of 2015.


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