Album: Where the Heaven Are We (2012)
  • Swim Deep is a four piece band from Birmingham UK consisting of vocalist Austin Williams, guitarist Tom 'Higgy' Higgins, bassist Cavan McCarthy and drummer Zach Robinson. This is their second single, which finds Williams proclaiming in the chorus, "Don't just dream in your sleep - it's just lazy." He explained to NME: "It's about doing all the s--t you dream about in real life. Me and Higgy worked in Morrisons (supermarket), that's where we met. This is such a dream for us. We keep pinching ourselves."
  • Williams recalled to Brum Notes Magazine the influence on this song of one of hip-hop's biggest names. "Me and Zach [Robinson] were writing over the phone," he said. "I was listening to a lot of hip hop at that point – a lot of Kanye West because he samples loads and I really like sampling. Zach sent through this little loop that he'd just made on the guitar and with the phone to my ear I put some chords over it. That's what I wanted to do at the time – just make a real feel-good Kanye West song."
  • Williams told Digital Spy how the band came up with the album title. "We were in the van," he recalled, "all pretty stoned, and I think we were listening to Radiohead. We hadn't discussed album names for a while, and I heard someone say, 'Where the hell are we?' and I was looking outside, thinking really deep, and said, 'Where the heaven are we?' We googled it straight away and it's never been used… Where you are is where you can make heaven out of, you've gotta relish and take full advantage of such a space."
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