This Is Your Life

Album: The Beautiful Letdown (2003)
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  • Switchfoot lead singer and lyricist Jon Foreman explained: "This is a song about what it means to live abundant life. And I think that when you're a kid you have this desire to live and to explore and to breathe and to uncover what it means to exist here on this planet. That somehow as you grow up, as you are worn in by this world that you lose that passion and this is a song about getting that passion back." >>
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    John - Sydney, Australia
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Comments: 4

  • Brittany from Orlando, Flthis song is a good one. I realized i could be doing more in life than what i am and its really a good message to everyone that has listened to it. i put this lyric in my project in highschhol because i thought it was really touching
  • Coraima from Winslow, NjI really haven't heard this song, so I'll try and listean to it some time. :)
  • Kelly from Rochester, Nyi realy love this song because it pretty much changed my life, because at first i was like not a good person i it realy means alot to me...
  • Jepha from Citra, Fli love this song, and it made me stop and think about my life now, and what i needed to change to become not only a better person in my life, but also for my future and how what i do now will effect it. i wasnt me, and i hated it, so i did something about it.
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