Everyday Birthday

Album: Haute Living (2012)


  • After creating the beat for this dance cut, Swizz enlisted Chris Brown and Ludacris to bring a different element to the tune. "It was all about the energy in the track," he told The Boombox. "When I dissected the track [initially], it was like, 'Who do I put on this that people wouldn't really expect?' I don't think people would expect me, Chris Brown and Ludacris to be on a track together that feels like this."

    Beatz added that when he first played his demo to music executives, they came up with a variety of suggestions as to who should be featured. "I opened the floor for discussion like, 'Who should be on the track?'" he recalled. "It'd be random people coming through the studio and they were saying Nicki Minaj, they were saying David Guetta, they were saying Gaga, they were saying Jay-[Z]... People were going everywhere. So I had to really clean off the table because people's imaginations run outta this world."

    After thinking through the feeling he wanted the song to portray and how the video would appear, Beatz plumped for Breezy and Luda.
  • Swizz used Quincy Jones' theme for the 1960s television police drama Ironside as inspiration for the song's instrumentation. According to Jones, his theme song featured the first use of the Moog synthesizer on a commercial recording.
  • The video was filmed in Cannes, France and directed by Taj TPK, who had to rework storyboards several times before Beatz was satisfied. "First it was gonna be a yacht party," the rapper/producer explained to The Boombox. "Then we were like, 'Man, we got this amazing landscape in Cannes. We have access to everything. So if we had no boundaries, what would we do?'"

    "So that's what we did," Beatz continued. "We took you from the water to the air to the party. We just scraped up every iconic scene we could think of out there and the reason I love working with Taj is because I'll just be running and running, but he never lets me down. All my last minute fiascos, he's always the person to come through so that's why I stick with him."


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