Chic 'N' Stu

Album: Steal This Album! (2002)


  • This song is about how advertising creates an artificial need for a product, in this case pizza. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    JD - Whitebread, TX
  • This song deals with compulsions and addictions using pizza as a metaphor. The lyrics, "What a splendid pie, pizza-pizza pie, every minute, every second, buy, buy, buy, buy, buy" relates to how if you crave something you will buy it like there's no tomorrow. >>
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    Melanie - Scarboro, MD
  • The title refers to Los Angeles Lakers broadcasters Chick Hearn and Stu Lantz. The first verse includes a line Hearn used about the game being "in the refrigerator." This was when The Lakers had the game in control. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    James - Covina, CA
  • The original title was "Therapy" and it was among the songs that were leaked over the Internet. The band re-recorded the song under a different name, like the rest of the songs on Steal This Album! >>
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    Jim - Oxnard, CA
  • When Daron and Serj are listing the pizza toppings, it is a common misconception that they are saying, "pepperoni, angry peppers." They are simply saying, "pepperoni, and green peppers..." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Dax - San Diego, CA

Comments: 19

  • Maria. from Montclair, Cai just ate pizza 30 mins. ago

    advertising causes therapy.
  • Gage from Rome, Gaits about advertising
  • Kyrylo from Rivne, Oni thought it always was a weird name for chicken stew.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlI heard somebody say that the intro can be taken sexually.

    Ballgame's in the refrigerator ~ He's about to score and he knows it.
    Door is closed ~ Literal
    Lights are out ~ Literal
    Butter's getting hard! ~ You can guess what this means.
  • Ian from Larksville, PaIt definetly nails the advertisement industry in the face. They cause people mental stress with the use of billboards, commercials, ads in the paper.
  • Martin from Thames, New Zealandthis song is about how people are brain washed into thinking they "need" instead of "want".
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhThis is definitely about marketing. "Chic N Stu" is based on the Lakers announcers Chic Hearns, and Stu Bergen, but that's just the title. In my oinion, it's saying how advertising has become so popular that even in BASKETBALL games there are even advertising. Such as maybe, Chic, or Stu told America to "Buy Domino's Pizza at half price on Tuesdays" in the middle of a game. Anyway, I think it's pretty obvious of what it's saying.
  • Cardio Toxin from El Paso, TxI am going to have to agree that this is about marketing. Serj was studied marketing at some time of his life.
  • Jeff from La Pine, OrMy friend and i are huge system of a down fans and we've been trying to find their offical and unoffical albums since we met. At first he thought the song was about eating pizza and we didnt know the name of it then. At the time we had every system of a down album except steal this album and one other one we're still trying to find (well he has all of them except that one on his X Box 360 and im missing Mezmerize Toxicity Steal This Album and the other one).
  • Rebka from Crapville, Wythe system is weird and funny.
  • Julius Von Brunk from Lancaster, PaIt's funny that a lot of SOAD's songs are about "evil" or "greedy" corporations... The same corporations that pay their salaries, and the same marketing/commercialism that allows people to buy their albums and merchandise. How ironic.
  • Ozzzy from Sydney, AustraliaIt's funny how we recognise that advetising screws us into buying crap when it's in a song, but now when we are actually subjected to the advertisement itself, and subconsciously affected...
  • Tyler from VictoriaFrom what I know, when the internet title was "Therapy" it was mislabeled. But I could be wrong.
  • Danny from Franklin, GaThis is a funny song! Would've made a great video!
  • Queen from Carmel, Nythis is an amazing song that shows how advertizing will have you go out and buy things that you do not need and how advertizing corupts people
  • Max from New York, NyThis song like mostly every song on the third album was actually around 3 maybe 4 years old at the time. They just decided they were too lazy to make new ones. Most of their more popular better songs aren't on their albums anyway.
  • James from Covina, CaSystem of a Down must be fans of Adbusters magazine
  • Dennis from Toledo, OhIt's based on the Laker announcers, but the wider theme is how advertising causes need. Other than knowing who Chick n' Stu are and understanding the modified line "Walk into the refridgerator", this song literally explains itself quite well in the repeating lyrics. Still a neat, fast paced song though.
  • James from Covina, CaI know the title is refering to L.A. Laker announcers Chick Hearn and Stu Lantz. "Ballgame's in the refridgerator..." is what the late Chick Hearn said when the Lakers had the game in the bag.
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