Old School Hollywood

Album: Mezmerize (2005)


  • Guitarist Daron Malakian wrote this based partly on his experience playing in the 2003 Celebrity Baseball Game, hence the lyric, "Old School Hollywood Baseball." Malakian also sings the verses. >>
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    Bob - Tokyo, Japan

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  • Englishjello from CanadaThe song is about guitarist Daron Malakan experience playing in a celebrity baseball game with TV actor Tony Danza and singer Frankie Avalon. Amongst others. Hollywood agent Jack Gelardi would put these games on (Hence the line "is ten feet tall"). The "don't touch my belt" line came from a celeb touching Daron's belt buckle. Hollywood is well known for it's sexual perversions (Members of System of a Down grew up in the Los Angeles area but never bought into the famous Hollywood scene. The were just regular Armenian boys who wanted to just rock out!)
  • Nate from Australia I was told I think loudwire that Daron Malakian was feeling left out.
  • Liliyjesushaha from Sanjose, Cai thought when he said " hey man don't you touch my belt" he was talking about some guy trying to violate him XD
  • Sissy from Nowhere, IlAnd by the way, he was never a baseball player.
    Its just that oldschool baseball was a big part of hollywood.
  • Sissy from Nowhere, IlOkay for anyone who doesnt know jack gilardi is a producer...Just thought i'd clear that up.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhObviously, a celebrity baseball game gone wrong(I personally, didn't see it.) I just love the synthisizer at the beggining.
  • Brad from Knoxville, Tnmy look on it id say they were pissed off,because the celebrities were treating system of a down like crap because they were trash to them,im glad tony danza lost his show,if celebrities put down metal-alternative bands then they deserve to be shot.
  • Addam from Norwich, CtSomehow I got Iron Maiden's Phantom Of The Opera instead of System's Old School Hollywood...I feel kinda retarded.
  • Addam from Norwich, CtFor a very long time I thought that Old School Hollywood was a 7:20 song that was mainly just music and no vocals. And the vocals are unclear and I can't tell what they are saying. If anyone has heard of a song mistitled as Old School Hollywood and would fit my description, please tell me.
  • Adam from Barr., Ilyah it sounds like its about famous ppl who think there 10 feet tall and better than everyone else when rilly there just in denial that there washed up, oh and i love system of a down but i think the biggest talent in the band is Tainkain thankyou bye
  • Alex from Irving, Txthe lyric "hey man dont you touch my belt," comes from the old batman t.v. show, i know this because i saw it on t.v. here is an intresting fact, Jack Gelardi (exscuse my spelling) appeard on that episode.
  • Mike from St. Paul, MnDaron, as bob said, played in the 45th annual baseball game in los angeles. however, tony danza was being a jerk and was cutting in line to bat and all that stuff. as far as jack gelardi, i think he ran the game.
  • Isaac from Sd, Cai tthink jack gelardi was an old school basbeall player and 10 feet tall means either something about drugs or his expertise at bball
  • Luke from Delta , CoI interpreted it as something different- as pride is the downfall of man, like these people are too proud for their own good. But that's just me.
  • Jim from Oxnard, Ca"Tony Danza cuts in line" A classic lyric
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