Album: Toxicity (2001)
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  • This is a song against groupies, which is a surprise since many rock bands write affectionate songs about them. It basically says that if you want to see the show, you don't have to sleep with the band, or as they put it:

    So you want to see the show,
    You really don't have to be a ho
  • System Of A Down take on some serious topics, like the Armenian genocide ("P.L.U.C.K.") and the prison industrial complex ("Prison Song"), but they have a lighter side, as heard here. Psycho, cocaine-crazy groupies aren't a geopolitical concern for the band, but they had fun singing about them.
  • The group had this one written long before the album was released. They debuted it live on October 7, 2000 at the Smoke Out festival.
  • Rick Rubin was System Of A Down's producer. SOAD signed with his label in 1997, convinced he would be a good fit. They were right: Rubin encouraged their musical madness and got their live energy to come through in the studio. "Psycho" was part of their second album, Toxicity, which despite being stylistically bonkers, sold a very impressive 3 million in America.

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  • Rrroba from Pieland, Cadan.. they r not russian.. they r armenian!!!!!
  • Mike from Durham, Scits about using cocaine. it pretty much describes everything about its use crash and end result
  • Dan from Cincinnati, NvSOAD i just started to listen to. i was you tubing and i found some of there songs. i have hered of them from some of my friends who like slipknot but i thought they would be just as HARD as them. but having heard all of there songs they impress me with there versitle way of playing there music. they have metall hard slow jazz russian mussic all throughout there cd. i guarrentee you wont find a another band just as creative and thought full as them. they take there time writing there songs and put there thought into them. they make you think of the true meaning of the song.
  • Andrew from Easton, Pai really enjoy this song. i say one of soad's best.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhNow that I've heard all of their songs, this one really isn't too bad. Although still not great.
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhI really hate this song in fact it's my WORST SOAD so far. I only have "System Of A Dwon" and "Toxicity" too. I could care less of what the song's talking about too. "Psycho, make me crazy", what the hell is this.
  • Petrified Monkey from South Park, CoI think it is very noble for system to write an anti-groupie song, but it is to be expected. I honestly don't think I'd have as much resspect for them if they did otherwise.
  • Hector from New York, NySOAD rules toxcity is 1 of the best albums ever made
  • Justin from Beresford, Sdgood point Jim
  • Kara from Moro, IlThis song is awesome. I love to just lose it and go nuts and dance.
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