Album: Mezmerize (2005)


  • In this song, System Of A Down are rocking out on the radio and on the video. It's a self-effacing look at how popular they became, which seemed unthinkable when they were starting out in the mid-'90s. By being defiantly unconventional, they crashed the gates and became one of the top hard rock bands in America.
  • Most SOAD songs have lyrics by lead singer Serj Tankian, but guitarist Daron Malakian wrote the lyrics to this one and sings on it with Tankian. Danny and Lisa in the song are Daron Malakian's friends from when he was a kid - they were his neighbors. Putting them in the song is a nod to his humble beginnings.
  • System Of A Down powered their tracks with blast beats and raging riffs, but they sometimes sprinkled a little Armenian folk music in as well, which you can hear on "Radio/Video." You'll also hear another hallmark of their sound: a "la la" bridge.
  • This is part of the Mezmerize album, the band's fourth. It came about two-and-a-half years after their last one (Steal This Album!), but then they turned around and released their next one, Hypnotize, just six months later. Both Mezmerize and Hypnotize went to #1 in America, giving them a rare feat: two #1 albums in the same calendar year (2005).
  • System Of A Down broke up in 2006. When they returned in 2010, "Radio/Video" was one of the songs that held a place in their setlist, even though it was never released as a single.

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  • Nikki from Detroit I know SOAD says they want you to interpret their songs yourself. So I thought in my own mind “Danny & Lisa” as Heroin & Cocaine.
  • Zach from WithheldEven if I do not know the meaning of this song, I freakin love SOAD!
  • Jonathan from Mesa, Az.According to Daron, this song is about two things. Remembering an early birthday party at a Los Angeles Chuck E Cheese restaurant, with friends Danny and Lisa, and the feeling he got the first time he heard his song on the radio.
  • Dillweed from Livermore, CaIve heard that the song was made to mock "Danny and Lisa" for not letting system of a down's music air on their radio station but im not entirely sure if it was true.
  • Gitai from Tarzana, CaI think it's about how nowadays it's all about being on the TV or radio. "Hey man, look at me rockin' out! I'm on the RADIOOO!!! Hey man, look at me rockin' out! I'm on the VIDEOOO!!!!"
  • Dante from Los Angeles, CaSince we're all interpreting the song in our own way, I'll give it a shot. I do have to agree with Blake from OH though. Maybe Daron dreamt to be famous as a kid, and we all know that our dreams can take us anywhere we want... they take us to the strangest places. Maybe Danny and Lisa would try to break Daron's dreams, made fun of him for wanting to be famous, and brought him back to reality. Hence the phrase, "They take me away from the strangest places," meaning they take him away from wherever his dreams had taken him and brought him back to reality. I always thought the song would make more sense if instead he said "They take me away TO the strangest places," but now that I think about it, it makes a LOT more sense the way it is.
  • Jeff from Red Bank, NjDaron has stated in an interview that this song is about his 5th birthday - his party was held at a Chuck E. Cheese pizza parlor. Also, Danny and Lisa are two of his childhood friends (said in a Rolling Stone magazine interview)
  • 10jaoste from Lima, PeruActually, all of you are wrong. I'm not saying you are all ignorant, but badly informed. This song isn't about something concrete, actually none of SOAD's songs are. This song may mean something to you, but something totally different to another person. As Daron Malakian once said, our songs don't have a definite meaning, they mean whatever you feel they mean, the interpretation of the song is different for every single person, and should be. People may interpret this song their own way, and apply the meaning to their lives however they want wants.
  • Jen from Braidwood, Ilthis song is just a over all happy makes me "dance" around while holding onto the strings to my beanie
  • Jake from Naperville, IlThis was the very first song i ever heard from system. I heard it over a year and a half ago and still love it to death. it's just so random. I'd compare it to D'Yer Mak'er from Zeppelin cause it has that regge feel to it
  • Cardio Toxin from El Paso, Txconsidering that the band is currently taking seperate ways i believe that this song is about saying "hey, we made it, we got to the top, and now lets start from the bottom and work to the top again".
  • Blake from Hamilton, OhFirst of all Jimmy made the most idiotic point on one of my favorite SOAD songs. No it's not about LSD he would put the letters in ORDER if this were true. I think it's about how maybe one day when Daron was a child. He was maybe talking to his friends and he said "I'm going to be a famous rock star one of these days. Then they probably denied him and laughed. Now in this song he gets to prove them wrong. Even if I'm wrong, this is one of the best SOAD songs ever!!!!
  • Christine from Sanbornton. N.h., NhOh're more than a shotaway....
  • Jimmy from Södertälje, SwedenThis song is about LSD. Sweet Danny and Lisa.
    If You Rearrange the first letters in these words, you'll get LSD.
    And.. When do you think you can SEE yourself rocking out on the radio!? When You're on LSD.
  • Matty from Barrow, Englandi think this is about peoples uncontrollable need to be famous. the line "hey man look at me rocking out im on the radio" shows the real american dream which consists of being rich and famous at all costs.
  • Miltos from Nicosia, GreeceTimmy if you need lyrics go to and go see the lyrics!
  • Miltos from Nicosia, GreeceI interpreted it as how people change when they are on the radio/video (T.V if you like) and how they lose contact with their friends in this case Danni and Lisa which happen to be Darron's friends from way back!
  • Josh from Brimley, MiJust to add onto what you guys got goin so far, Danny and Lisa are people that Daron knew as a child, and he hasn't seen them since.
  • Jon from Saint Louis, MoDarron got the idea for writing this song when he heard a System song come on the radio in the record store and is a reflection of his childish self. hes saying hey look at me, im on the radio, im rockin out, im an amazing amazing man... (i added the last part for the full effect)
  • Timmy from Loris, Scget the lyrics soon guys i want to know em better u cant word by word it by listening to it alot. i always thought WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SEND THE POOR! was WHY DONT THEY ALWAYS SEND ME MORE? so pls get the lyrics soon
  • Tyler from VictoriaIt's about Daron's feelings towards seeing himself on TV and hearing himself on the radio.
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